A New Beginning & Meet Duchess Von Ducky!

It’s a new season and a new start to our blog – welcome back! Meet our head Non-Skating Official, Duchess Von Ducky – in her own words:

Central Maine Derby - Derby Prom 2014

Pyromaniant, Turbo Diesel, Flash Drive and Duchess Von Ducky at Central Maine Derby’s Derby Prom – Photo Credit: Waving Hand Photography ©2014

“Hi, my name is Duchess Von Ducky. I am the Head Non-Skating Official (NSO) for Central Maine Derby (CMD). I often get asked what my primary role is as head NSO. Well, it’s simple really! I do a lot of behind-the-scenes work to ensure things get done for the team: stats, keep track of score, break down which skaters scored how many points, how often players are sent to the penalty box (and why), etc. For every Referee that you see, there is at least one non-skating person helping out.

I came into this job just over a year go. I had a friend at CMD that was looking for  volunteers to help out. What I have learned in the last year is a whole lot more than I could put into just one blog post! I have worked bouts in New Hampshire, and all over Maine. I have managed the penalty box, timed players, tracked lineups, wrangled penalties, and updated white boards. And through all of it, I have made a ton of new friends and learned new skills. I learn new things every time we practice. The beauty of roller derby is that this are always changing, so you are always learning. In all of the bouts that I have worked, it has always been an upbeat atmosphere where you aren’t expected to know all of the rules immediately or even all of the jobs in one night.

If all of this sounds like huge amounts of fun and you want to be a part of a team that will keep you busy and engaged with the community, come check us out! Even if you’ve never heard of roller derby, that’s okay; we will teach you from start to finish. Our team practices twice a week and during the spring and fall seasons it is not uncommon to have multiple games a month, so there is plenty of opportunity to learn at your own pace.

You may say to yourself: I can’t be an NSO, there is too much to learn and I will never get it all down! If you had told me a year and a half ago that I would be here in Derbyland and having this much fun, I wouldn’t have believed you. What makes a good NSO? Attention to detail! In roller derby, we have a lot of moving parts, but we always work as a team. I am one of the most reserved people I know and derby is helping me come out of my shell more and more.”

Want to get involved and become a referee or non-skating official?  Visit www.centralmainederby.com, find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/centralmainederby.com or email centralmainederby@gmail.com for more information!