Meet Our Featured Skater: Cracked Pepper

What’s your derby name and number?  What’s the significance and how did you select it?
Cracked Pepper, #613. I really wanted an original name that was unique, and it came to me one day and it just stuck. The number is my birthday, 6/13.

How long have you been with CMD and how did you get started with roller derby?
I’ve been with CMD since it’s inception in May 2012.I have always had an interest in roller derby, and it’s something that I always thought would be fun, and challenging.

What’s your favorite thing about derby?  
The camaraderie, and sense of family. We are a very close knit league, and spend lots of time together outside of practice. I also like the challenge of pushing myself and doing things that I never thought that I would be doing.

What’s your greatest derby achievement?
I’d have to say getting back on skates after breaking my fibula and talus last summer.  I was off-skates 4 months, and missed it so much. I’ve been back on skates since the first of December, and haven’t looked back since.

What lesson have you learned from roller derby?
Patience and dedication pays off.

What’s your life like outside of derby?
I have a M-F desk job in a medical office, which I really enjoy.I work with a great group of people day in and day out. When I’m not doing derby or working, I’m a huge movie buff, and love music, especially live music.   I enjoy getting together with friends and grilling, and entertaining during the summer months.I also have a huge love of animals, and have 5 fur-babies.

Who inspires you?
Anyone that triumphs over an injury or illness through derby.It’s really amazing what derby does for you!

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
The ability to read minds.How fun would that be?

What would you tell a potential derby girl who was afraid to get involved?
We’re a really welcoming bunch; if you’ve ever thought about roller derby want wanting to try it – even for a minute – do it! You’ll be surprised at what you can do with the proper teaching and training.